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  Mobile crusher, also known as mobile crusher, is a kind of mobile crushed stone equipment, which is popular in the market because of its strong mobility and high degree of automation. With the participation of more and more mobile gravel machine rental manufacturers, the variety of mobile gravel machine is also enriched from time to time, so in order to have mobile gravel machine equipment now, which models are there? The specific answer is as follows:
  I. what are the optional models of mobile crusher?
  Due to the unity of materials selected by different manufacturers, in addition, the production skills of the supplier's control equipment are also different, which will lead to different suppliers to make the appearance of mobile crusher, or there will be some differences in a few internal structures. Therefore, here, take the equipment of mobile crusher rental manufacturers as an example.
  First of all, according to its different supporting walking devices, Guizhou mobile crusher can be roughly divided into two categories: tire type mobile crusher and track type mobile crusher. Each type of crusher can be subdivided into many different models for customers to choose according to different output needs;
  Secondly, according to the selection of crushing host, Guizhou mobile crusher can be divided into four categories: Hubei crushing, crushing and crushing cone, and the impact of crushing. The same mobile crusher can be divided into many different specifications and modes in each different classification to meet the needs of different customers.
  Finally, in addition to the mobile shredder classification model given above, with the support of advanced production technology, red star is fully capable of customizing downtime group machines for users with special production needs, so there is always a mobile shredder model for you.
  1. Mobile crushing station of rough tyre series
  Brief introduction of equipment: the mobile crushing station of coarse crushing tire series is a series of crushing equipment for crushing rock and building slag, which is widely used in mining crushing, building slag recovery, building aggregate consumption, highway, railway, road and bridge construction and other industries. It greatly expands the concept of crushing operation. The design concept of mobile crushing station of thick tire series eliminates the obstacles of crushing site and environment to customers, and truly provides customers with efficient and low-cost project operation hardware equipment.
  Working principle: according to the new concept material approach processing standard. Provide customers with simple, efficient and low-cost project operation hardware equipment. According to the requirements of different crushing processes, it can be divided into crushing first and then crushing. The process and crushing station can be combined into two-stage screening system of coarse crushing and fine crushing according to the actual needs, and also into a three-stage screening system of coarse, medium and fine with high sensitivity.
  Product features: reasonable design of equipment structure, convenient transportation, hydraulic lifting, simple and sensitive operation. The hopper can be pre divided into fine materials, and the automatic design of the hopper door can control the direction of the hopper. It is suggested that the angle of the machine can be adjusted, it can be turned over, folded, unfolded and other operating conditions, so as to facilitate transportation. It can also customize various multi unit combination and non-standard crushing stations according to customer requirements
  2. 履带式液压传动破碎站
  2. Crawler type hydraulic transmission crushing station
  Equipment introduction: the introduction of crawler type hydraulic drive crushing station (crawler type mobile crushing station) proves that the current development of mobile crushing machinery products presents the trend of digitalization, parallelization, integration and learning. Among them, digital technology has become a technology for rapid innovation and development. The progress of information technology promotes the current situation of unmanned mining technology. In the automation of traditional automatic or remote mining technology, the main technical features of sensor and detection monitoring system, intelligent mining equipment, high-speed digital communication network and new mining process are integrated, such as unmanned mobile crusher.
  Working principle: materials are delivered to crawler type hydraulic crushing station by bucket elevator through feeder. After the primary crushing of the mobile crusher, the circular vibrating screen forms a closed-loop system to complete the circular crushing of materials. The materials meeting the particle size requirements are transported by the conveyor to achieve the purpose of consumption. According to the actual consumption demand, the circular vibrating screen can also be removed to directly stop the primary crushing of materials, and then cooperate with other crushing equipment to stop the detailed operation.
  Product features: crawler type hydraulic drive crushing station is a technology introduced from international mining machinery company, separated from industry practice and developed. The chassis adopts all steel ship structure, which is consistent with the height of the working site. High power motor, safe and stable. It can be equipped with generator set, which can operate normally and continuously without power or power failure, so as to reduce losses. The equipment can also cooperate with the horizontal crushing and screening equipment according to the customer's requirements.
  The manufacturing process of mobile crusher is introduced in detail
  Mobile crusher is a kind of mine crushing equipment. The early semi-intelligent mobile crusher evolution process of common mechanical crushing usually realizes a more intelligent mobile crusher in the process of automation, processing and production through ups and downs, changes and evolutions. Every factory with confidence of the producer has its own choice, but do you pay attention to the details in the manufacturing process of crushing equipment? The details analysis is successful or failed. In fact, it can also be found in daily life that whether we can see the thickness and precision of the work from the details, the mobile crusher is the same. This paper mainly introduces the manufacturing process of the mobile crusher company for the details of the mobile crusher.
  Details of material selection
  It's very important to choose reasonable crushing equipment for materials. Different materials can choose different handling materials for moving crushers. The first one is to match. If the materials don't match well, no matter how expensive it is, it's also a waste of capital, which will affect the benefits of production. Therefore, the user is good at purchasing equipment and selecting materials
  Reasonable design can make equipment production more efficient. Reasonable design includes detailed design of parts. For example, flywheel, bearing and row are reasonable. Crushing chamber design can directly affect the interests of producers. Details determine success or failure. Uncertain unreasonable design and production, production efficiency and mobile crusher are the same. Small details have great differences. The difference is that users pay attention to the details of design issues. Festival.
  Book making part
  The production of mobile crusher can be distinguished from the work with rough appearance. The user selects some manufacturers to stop comparison in the purchase of equipment, and stops investigation at the factory site. The investigation data and the design of the investigation part are more conducive to the analysis of equipment quality.
  The above is the relevant content arranged by the mobile lithotripter rental manufacturer for you. We hope to help you. Our website is http://www.dhfjx.cn
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